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Wednesday, August 27th, 2003

TournamentEngine 1.2 released.
Summer is slowly fading away… I’m not talking about weather, I’m talking about mood. The past year lacked something: it was all routine, lectures, exams, lectures, exams, lectures… The next year it’s not likely to be different. That’s why, in spite of the sun shining outside my window, I feel dead leaves falling sadly around me, whispering the coming of a cold and grey season…

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Thursday, August 21st, 2003

So, it’s time for me to say farewell again… nothing more to say.

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Saturday, August 9th, 2003

Just released TournamentEngine 1.1.
By the way, on monday I should go on vacation (at last), so you won’t hear from me for a fortnight… goodbye all!

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Tuesday, August 5th, 2003

Here is my project on

Maybe some of you know where the idea for this TournamentEngine came from… I should have added it to the Portfolio already but, you know, i didn’t know exactly where to start… so I started a new project instead ;P
Download it, mess with it, and let me know through SourceForge what do you think about it.

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Sunday, August 3rd, 2003

Just registered an account on As I said some time ago, I’m working on a new project… you’ll hear more about it soon.
BTW, I know you won’t read this update until September, so, it’s quite useless ;P