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Thursday, February 26th, 2004

Let’s talk a little about the Return of the King [SPOILER]. First of all, this movie is LONG: three hours and a half… I don’t even dare to imagine how long will be the Extended DVD Edition. Despite its length, however, Jackson had to cut several important scenes. I know you can’t possibly fit the entire Lord of the Rings book in 10 hours (this may seem a whole lot of time, but the book has *a lot* of pages…) but some omissions – like the entire Palantir plot, to which Jackson merely hint – let me a little perplexed. Besides, was there really need for the Osgiliath/Normandy scene, or the pointless history of Gollum?
I’m happy, though, that Jackson left out the battle for the freedom of the Shire in the ending, cause it had little meaning in the book too. Wormtongue stabbing his master would be a significant scene to show, but it would have implied a lot of other boring and somewhat pointless scenes (and not less than 30 minutes added to the movie).
Now let’s talk about Legolas. I know I must be the only human being on this planet thinking this, but i hate him. What kind of elf would surf on shields and elephants? Not to mention the “I am sooooo pretty, I kick ass, I’m sooo sexy” look on his face, which I can’t stand. Thanks God the time of human kind is about to begin :p
Not the best movie of the trilogy, but still a good movie, and a great result if you consider the previous attempts at bringing on the screen such a ponderous book. Legolas sucks, Gandalf rules, that’s all :pp