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Friday, March 19th, 2004

I have beaten Max Payne 2 for the third time, and this news is gonna contain a huge SPOILER… beware!
If you haven’t ever played Max Payne (the 1st or the 2nd), I don’t think you’ll understand much of this ending. I’ll try to summarize the whole story in a few lines: Max Payne (nice name, uh? ;)) is a detective. In the first chapter his wife (and his daughter too) was killed for knowing too much about a mysterous drug named Valkyrie; Max was also framed for a murder. Long story short, he managed to know the truth about Valkyrie with the help of the russian mafia boss Vladimir Lem. He also met Mona Sax (another nice name :p), the sister of the wife of a boss Max was after: last time we see her, she’s lying in an elevator with a bullet in her head, apparently dead. Finally Max killed the head of the Organization beyond Valkyrie, avenging his wife and thus ending the game.
Woah, I wrote too much. Shorter now: in the second chapter Max find out that Mona isn’t dead, and he falls in love with her. This time the BBB (Big Bad Boy) is Vladimir Lem, who tries to kill Max countless times and shoot Mona in the back near the ending. If you beat the game on Easy or Medium level, you finally kill Vlad, but Mona dies. Soooo sad :( I didn’t expect it and was quite disappointed the first time I played the game. Anyway, if you beat the game on Hard level too (which is called “Dead on Arrival”) you get a slightly different ending: Mona is alive! I didn’t expect this either, after seeing her die two times. But this was a good surprise, as this is how the ending should be in my opinion. And they lived happily thereafter. ;)

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Tuesday, March 16th, 2004

Some random thoughts: nothing really whorty to say today, I was just passing by ;)
I’m working on 2 projects for the university at this time: one is almost finished, and maybe I’ll post something on the site when it’s done. This reminds me of some things I thought about uploading a year ago… maybe even more. Forgive my laziness :D
I haven’t talked yet about 12:5, a Pain of Salvation acoustic album which I bought a couple of weeks ago. It’s a good album, though a little puzzling for a PoS fan: a lot more quiet than usual, it has not the power some songs like Foreword! or King of loss showed. Some songs, Ashes above all, present a totally different mood from their studio counterparts. So, it takes some time to get used to this unusual PoS style, but in the end this live album shows once more what this bunch of great musicians is able to create. You can’t help singing along the awesome vocals of Daniel Gildenlow and Fredrik Hermansson (though the result is, in my case, not something to be proud of… ;p)

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Tuesday, March 9th, 2004

Here I am, a faithful servant of the Light ;) Let me tell you: it’s not easy to be a Jedi… always good and kind and stuff. And the ending of the game isn’t exciting as the dark side ending is, though it is very Star Wars-like.
The game itself doesn’t change this much whatever path (dark/light) you decide to follow: it’s basically the same plot with little differences in dialogues and – of course – in the ending. But the story is quite good and I think I will play KOTOR again, in the near future.
Uh, I was about to forgot, I took some screenshot. Enjoy my character, it comes in two flavours: light and dark :P