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Tuesday, September 14th, 2004

And now a new installment of “Music albums I bought months ago but I was too lazy to write about ’till now” :D
Let’s start with Prototype‘s album Trinity: it all started when I listened to the mp3s of Trinity and Live a Lie which I downloaded free from their site. I liked the songs and above all liked the drum parts (though it was a little depressing to realize I’ll never play like this in my whole life…). I still didn’t know if the album was worth buying, because the songs were quite heavy: the kind of music that’s likely to give you a headache if you listen to it for an hour… ;) At last I decided to give it a try. I must say I’m not disappointed: this album is often in my cd player these days.
Let’s change the musical style and talk about Neal Morse‘s Testimony, a double-CD set of prog music in pure Morse-style. I liked “Snow” a lot and was a little disappointed when Neal Morse left Spock’s Beard to follow the call of God… I thought Morse was a little crazy at the time, but still was eager to listen to what he was working on. When it came out, I didn’t know whether to buy Testimony or not: I didn’t like the idea of an album full of christian zeal, prayers and so on… when I found it at a low price (it’s a double-CD after all) I decided to give it a try, like I did with Trinity (well I shouldn’t say “did”, given the fact that I bought Trinity a few weeks after Testimony ;P). It’s a good album. It is, in fact, a sort of hymn to God, but it’s more like the story of a person who is happy because he’s found something worth living, no matter what it is. The music is masterfully crafted – you should expect no less from Neal Morse – and the only reason why I don’t listen to it more often is I’m too lazy to switch from disc1 to disc2 :PP
The last album is The music that died alone by the Tangent, a group formed by Roine Stolt, David Jackson and Andy Tillison. I love it ^_^ The cover is really a piece of art, and the music too. Maybe not something as touching as A Pleasant Shade of Gray (which is still the one I like more among the albums I own) but it’s still a pleasure to listen to such beautiful music.
Right now I’m waiting for the next Pain of Salvation’s and Fates Warning’s albums which are scheduled for this fall: I can’t miss them ;)