Minus5 remix

Posted on Saturday, September 24th, 2011 at 14:56, under music.

Tapping into the advices of a couple of knowledgeable friends, I’ve remixed my last track to make it sound a little less tinny and cold and empty. I’m fairly happy with the improvements: there’s definitely more of a beefy sound to it now. I also played a bit with panning, which is something best noticed when listening with earphones.

All in all, there’s still miles to go before I’m fully satisfied with these tracks, but I’m learning a lot by creating them.

One Response to “Minus5 remix”

  1. Excellent rework :)

    The only thing that now sounds weird to me is the sound starting around 0:22, that “tumb tumb” very low. But I can’t help hehehe. :D