Did you notice?

Posted on Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005 at 00:16, under Uncategorized.

It’s amazing how many things in the world around us go by completely unnoticed. You can take a flight of stairs every day for years without even knowing how many steps there are. And how many streets did you cross today? Can you recall? Do you recall paying the smallest bit of attention to the hair color of that man sitting besides you on the bus?
Of course you can live happily without noticing these things. In fact, you wouldn’t be able to live if you had to pay attention to everything: information overload is already a big issue, nowadays, without having to waste our attention on a lot of tiny details.
Nevertheless, I can’t help but being struck with amazement when I discover these unnoticed details. Sit down, boy, and I will tell you a story.
Since 2 years I’m taking the train every day to get to my university (in Como). Lately I started reading a textbook while on the train: since I’ve got to study its contents later, I had to do some underlinings. And from the ondulatory pattern of my underlinings I discovered that there are a lot more vibrations between Milano Cadorna and Saronno than between Saronno and Como. I think it’s because of the number of switches on the tracks.
The detail in itself is indeed small and useless. And nonetheless, it gave birth to an interesting train of thoughts.
Train ;)

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