Web 3.0

Posted on Tuesday, January 17th, 2006 at 23:09, under Uncategorized.

“The second problem affects all who use an AJAX-powered site. If web signifiers and conventions are still in their infancy, then AJAX-related signifiers and conventions are in utero. I am still discovering features of Flickr. Not new features—old ones. You find some by clicking in empty white space. This is like reading the news by pouring ACME Invisible Ink Detector on all pieces of paper that cross your path until you find one that has words on it.”
An interesting article on A List Apart that may help all those who – like me – have still a pretty blurred idea of what this rumored “Web 2.0″ is about.
Basically just a way to annoy people at conventions, it would seem… ;)

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